Ceremony skirt and christening with merino wool body and tul interns


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Reduced price! Faldon de ceremonia y bautizo con cuerpo de lana merino y pala delantera de entredoses de tul Expand

Ceremony and christening skirt with merino wool body and skirt with embroidered tulle jars and interns

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Details of the skirt

-The body is woven in ivory merino wool with a drawing drawn in the center of the front and sleeves

The neck is topped with a tul lace flounce to match the skirt

-The skirt alternates groups of jars with tulle lace and bolillo interns topped with a tulle lace toe on the hem

Thanks to the softness, strength and flexibility of merino wool, this is the ideal set of skirt and hood to dress the baby in the autumn-winter season.

In addition, merino wool is body temperature thermoregulatory,helps keep the baby's body heat even wet; does not cause itching when it comes into contact with the skin; is breathable, antibacterial in effect and has natural sun protection factor

This ceremony set is handmade and exclusive to little ones and babies

Buy online ceremony and christening clothes for babies made in spain inclusive and quality

Measurements for size calculation

-Skirt length :60 centimeters

-Chest contono measured around the baby's chest just under the armpit

- 3 months: 46 cents.

-6 months: 48 cents.

-9 months : 52 cents.

-Sleeve length measured by the inside of the arm from the armpit to the wrist

-3 months. 14 cents.

-6 months: 16 cents.

-9 months : 18 cents.

If to attach the baby's size it is necessary to modify these measures, consult Customer Service indicating the measures to be changed.

Washing recommendations

-Wash the skirt and hood by hand with a mild detergent in cold water

-Rinse without twisting

-Absorb with a towel the excess water of merino wool

-Extend on a smooth surface to dry. It is important to note that merino wool has the advantage of quick drying

-Iron the skirt with an iron in mild temperature; place a cloth over the skirt and hood so as not to damage the lace with the iron

-To iron the wool, it is sufficient to zoom in on the iron and vaporize without touching the fabric with the iron; extend with your hand carefully not to deform the garment


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