Short-sleeved organic cotton bodysuit

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Soft-sleeved organic cotton baby bodysuit in beige and brown trims.

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Soft-sleeved organic cotton baby bodysuit in beige and brown trims. Organic cotton protects your baby's delicate skin from allergies and irritations during the first few months of life. It is especially suitable for infants sensitive and atopic skin

Organic cotton is a natural fabric that helps us avoid secondary reactions on the skin of our babies.

Clothes that are in direct contact with the baby's skin should be the most suitable. It is best to opt for natural fabrics including natural or organic cotton, 100% natural fiber,which is breathable, easily washable, maintains the body temperature of the baby and no chemicals are used in its elaboration, since it is grown on land certified as toxic-free, among them pesticides and insecticides that can damage the 'skin of sensitive people, especially, of the baby. As a result, we must avoid the rougher synthetic fibers that can cause rashes and itching on the baby's delicate skin.

The use of these fibers is caused by atopic dermatitis and allergies that can affect the baby in the first months of life.

However, even if we use organic cotton when dressing our baby, we must give the clothes a first wash with a very mild detergent without softener in the rinse, to remove the irritating residues for the skin that they can bring from the factory

The body is part of the basic baby towel, especially if they are cotton, which, being a natural and breathable fiber, is essential in the clothes of the baby and newborn


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