Handmade luxury baby clothes online store.

Specialists in christening clothes and handmade baby ceremony clothes, with unique designs and quality made in Spain.

In our online store you will find handmade baby clothes and luxury baby clothes, made manually with high quality fabrics. Consult our entire catalog of children's clothing, crib and toilet products and baby swimsuits. Visit Peques y Babies and you can buy online children's winter outfits, baby jesusitos, ceremony clothes, and all the baby clothes you need. Your handmade baby clothes at the best price.

Luxury baby clothes. Top quality children's clothing.

At Pequesybebes we are specialized in baby clothes for baptisms and baby clothes for ceremonies so that you can enjoy that special day with your baby. The best collection of clothes for your baptism baby at the best price.

In our online store you can buy your baby's baptism clothes or baby ceremony clothes handcrafted in Spain in natural fabrics such as organdy, organized batiste, piqué, linen,... as well as selected Swiss batiste lace, Valenciennes, embroidered tulle and exclusive French Alençon lace.

You can choose a wide variety of skirts for your baby, whether they are waist-length or combined in knit and organized batiste, plumeti or piqué, the traditional little Jesus with their matching panties, frogs, sets of skirts with jackets, sets of skirts and matching hats. suit, christening jackets, bonnets….all made with top quality fabrics and lace with exquisite care in the finishing of the garments.

As accessories to the baby's ceremony and christening clothes, we have shawls with the exclusive French Alençon lace, piqué bonnets and Swiss organdy christening hats made by hand by Pequesybebés.
As a novelty in our ceremony section this year we have included baptism accessories with our baptism towels and baptism scarves, you can buy them separately or together, they are an ideal gift option for a baptism or ceremony.

In addition, in our online store we give you the option to customize the baptism outfit for your baby, we give you the option to choose the design of the central skirt between entredos of organized cambric embroidered with bobbin lace and tucks, alternate the entredos and the lace, choose the tulle and bobbin lace insert finished with lace lace, you can choose the merino wool or cotton body in diamond dots, in eights or in vertical lines, as well as complementing the set with the matching baby bonnet with drawstrings and entredoses, with entredoses and lace or both options. And as a novelty this new christening collection you can choose the color of the bows.
With the customize option you can customize a skirt set or a frog set, in both you can choose the body of the skirt, design and hood.

If you are wondering where to find the baptismal outfit or the outfit for a ceremony, at Peques y Bebes we can help you, we are specialists in handmade baby ceremonial clothes, with unique designs and quality made in Spain.


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