Size Guide Peques Y Bebes


1 monthup to 56 cms2 yearsup to 92 cms
3 monthsup to 62 cms3 yearsup to 98 cms
6 monthsup to 68 cms4 yearsup to 104 cms
9 monthsup to 74 cms5 yearsup to 110 cms
12 monthsup to 80 cms6 years oldup to 116 cms
18 monthsup to 86 cms
24 monthsup to 92 cms


Size 000NewbornSize 11 year
Size 003/6 monthsSize 22 years
Size 06/9 monthsSize 33 years
Size 19/12 monthsSize 44 years
Size 218 monthsSize 65 years

As a general note, we believe it is preferable and you will make greater use of the garments if it is slightly large rather than a tight garment.

We suggest that you read our recommendations and advice on washing to understand its effect on size.

When consing the size, we recommend that you keep the following points in mind when measuring your baby.

como medir a tu bebé

Always naked and with his diaper on. Measurements in cms.

A_Alto total

From crown to heel *(paediatric measurement)

B_Contorno head

Contour of the head by the part of the forehead, just above the ears

C_Largo arm

From the armpit to the wrist

D_Contorno arm

Contour of the arm, between the part that goes from shoulder to elbow

E_Contorno chest

Contour of the trunk, just below the armpits

F_Contorno waist

Narrower waist contour

G_Contorno hip

Wider hip contour

H_Largo trunk

Back measurement, from the first vertebra (end neck/back start)

up to the crotch with your diaper on

I_Largo leg

Measured from navel to heel

J_Contorno leg

Wider leg contour

(upper leg from crotch to knee)

If in doubt, tell us the measurements on this tab and small will help you choose a size.
Fill out the tab and email it to us

Here's an example of how to measure a skirt with a graphic image and skirt and hood sizes.

Como medir un faldón de bebé


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